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Business Strategy
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Business Strategy

There’s only two 100%-ers in the world that I can give you: (1) we’re all gonna die, hate to break it to you, it’s just a matter of time. The (2) is, everything is gonna eventually change, otherwise, we’d be living in caves right now. Change is part of the human condition. And yet, every day you run into systems that are crushingly holding on to status quo, are holding on to yesterday.

Todd McFarlane, world-renowned creator, artist, writer, filmmaker and entrepreneur

Are you ready for tomorrow?

Digital Transformation and Innovation

TODAY is digital.

Does your organization:

If you answered with more than one ’no’, you have a YESTERDAY organization, see the Digital Transformation section.

Even if it is an adequate digital organization of TODAY, will it still be relevant TOMORROW? See improvement ideas in the Innovation section.

Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation? Why is it important? Redesign traditional businesses to leverage modern business models, processes and technologies.

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Boost organizational efficiency and competitiveness to remain relevant tomorrow.

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CATRO Bulgaria provides cutting-edge know-how in all areas related to human resources management and development.

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Balkan Heritage Foundation

Balkan Heritage Foundation is a non-profit cultural organization operating in the area of cultural heritage research, preservation, communication, management and education.

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Panorama Offroad

Panorama Offroad is an adventure operator, which provides exciting offrad escapes in pristine nature spots on the Black Sea coast.

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Schmidt Studio

Schmidt Studio provides production and sound design services by Dimitar Velichkov – Schmidt.

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I have been working with Vladi on various projects within the last 10 years. As a manager of international projects at the Institute for International cooperation of the German Adult Education Association, I relied very much on his creative approach in setting up and maintaining the project websites, meeting the high requirements of the German educational institutions.

As a Managing Director of CATRO Bulgaria – an Austrian HR Consultancy, Vladi has provided us with professional and individualized consulting about different CRM solutions tailored to the needs of our organization. We are always delighted to work with outstanding expert like him as he is taking in consideration the specific needs of the business, as well as the “people aspect” – effectiveness, user-friendliness, and the optimal “value for money”.

I would recommend his services to any small and medium enterprise as Vladi is a trusted partner in identifying and analysing the business challenges in the company by helping you find the most appropriate technical solution and implementing it in a systematic and precise manner.

Anelia Dimitrova, Managing Director CATRO Bulgaria

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