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Google Ads Management
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Google Ads Management

Google Ads provides a fast track to reaching clients. It gives powerful tools for displaying your message on every step of the user journey - awareness, consideration and purchase. It gives multiple formats:

Professional Ads Management

Google’s powerful ads platform is extremely complicated and requires a lot of experience to properly set up the ads account, campaigns, creatives, messaging, targeting, etc.

Avoid wasting your money by delegating ads management to a certified Google Partner. This is the easiest way to ensure the best results for your budget.

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We have worked with Vladislav Denishev since we first started using Google AdWords for promoting the educational services British Council offers in Bulgaria, as well as our projects in Arts and Culture. He has been instrumental in ensuring the success of our campaigns through timely and professional advice and delivery of service, as well as great flexibility and reliability in launching campaigns, often at a very short notice.

All of the campaigns Vladi has worked on met and exceeded our targets. This was also recognised by our global Digital team:

“Bulgaria was one of the most successful countries in the region during Q3, increasing significantly (over 50%) in areas such as unique visitors, page views and average visitors per day.”

British Council Digital Report, EU Region, Q3 2014/15.

I would strongly recommend Vladi’s work to any organisation that wants to achieve measurable results online.

Gradi Gradev, Head of Marketing, British Council


British Council

British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities.

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Balkan Heritage Foundation

Balkan Heritage Foundation is a non-profit cultural organization operating in the area of cultural heritage research, preservation, communication, management and education.

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