Systematic Brains

Vladislav Denishev

Vladislav Denishev is an IT expert with over 25 years of professional experience. He has built expertise in analyzing and managing the continuous improvement of the three elements, essential to the success of any organization – people, processes and technology.

He is a generalist following the latest trends in IT and organizational development – he believes processes should be systematically analyzed and innovation introduced when it would really support organizational development.

Helping small and medium organizations

Vladislav Denishev finds his calling in helping small and medium organizations succeed in the digital age. He has been analyzing, designing and implementing digital transformation and innovation projects with multiple organizations from various backgrounds, building up a protfolio of good practice, which brings real value for his clients.

Caring for what he does, combined with the will to deeply undestand the organizations, has led to lasting collaborations, spanning decades in some cases, becoming that trusted adviser and technology partner, which every organization needs.

Working experience

Vladislav Denishev was previously part of the teams of Pixely Group, British Council, DVV International and DEMLab. He gathered first-hand experience working for/with small-business, corporate, academic and non-government organizations in various verticals of the economy. This diverse experience gives him the invaluable advantage of easily understanding the processes and challenges, which organizations of all backgrounds are facing, as well as proposing and implementing the right solutions.

Research background

Early in his professional career, Vladislav Denishev was a researcher / senior researcher in the Distance Education and Multimedia Laboratory for 15 years. There he formed his analytical and systematic approach to problem solving, working on multiple international projects in the sphere of Education and Innovation, funded by the European Commision, World Bank, UNESCO, Microsoft, National Science Fund, etc. He has a MSc degree in Electronics and a PhD in Educational Technologies and Software Engineering.

To this day, he spends a great amount of his time reading and researching emerging technologies and organizational practices.

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