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Systematic Brains – new website

The new Systematic Brains website is now online. It features a custom minimalistic responsive theme, great performance and custom features.

Content Management System

Systematic Brains is built upon WordPress – the open-source platform that powers 38% of websites on the Internet, and growing. It is very mature and pleasant to work with – unlike other CMSs the overhead of starting a WordPress-based website is minimal. In the same time it offers a very rich repository of plugins and themes, making the setup of a basic site a matter of hours, rather than weeks or even months.

Custom theme

One of the basic requirements for the new Systematic Brains website is performance. The readily-available themes can hardly meet the requirements for (at least) one simple reason – plugin compliance, required for both free and premium themes, enables all plugins to inject scripts and styles in the <head> section of the website, severely hurting performance. Systematic Brains’ custom theme does not provide the wp_head() hook, thus breaking plugin compliance, but ensuring the site is lightning-fast.

Another very important requirement was the flawless presentation of the site’s content regardless of the end user device – a full-size desktop/laptop, a tablet or a mobile. Responsive Web Design (RWD) is used to make sure the site loads properly on any device. Extensive usability testing was performed as well to ensure the site is usable with any device form-factor.

Custom plugins

All functionality needed for the website is incorporated in one of tho ways – it is either included in functions.php, or realized as a plugin. The decision which functionality should be built-in, and which one – an extension, is more or less semantic – which one is a required feature of the theme and should be present out-of-the box, and which one is optional and should be loaded on demand.


The site employs several layers of caching – internally it uses a caching plugin to offload database, and externally it uses CloudFlare CDN service to additionally offload the whole site – static elements (images, as all CSS is inline, and there are no scripts at all) and pages are almost exclusively served out of the CDN cache, offloading the site and serving the content as close to the end user as possible, further providing great user experience.


Security is a very important aspect of online presence. Even though the site does not process user data, it has something else very valuable – its reputation. To protect that, its visitors and ensure availability and resilience against DDoS attacks, the CloudFlare CDN is deployed. Furthermore, it is hosted on a DigitalOcean VPS, eliminating the security breach potential of shared hosting.

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