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Analyzing the performance and specifics of online presence is a basic prerequisite for successful digital marketing and advertising.

Website Analytics

Google Analytics is the de facto standard in website analytics. It provides insights about your website visitors and their interactions with your content, statistics on numerous metrics including unique visitors, number of visits, referrals and conversions, visualizations of user activity using funnels, etc. It is a must if doing online advertising, as it allows measuring advertising effectiveness and provides specific features, used by AdWords to optimize ad performance.

Another very useful analytics service is StatCounter. It also provides comprehensive statistics and unlike Google Analytics, it can show individual user journeys throughout your content. It can also run alongside Google Analytics and is a highly recommended complement for your website analysis.

Social Media Analytics

Social media provide their own analytics suites – Facebook Insights (built-in) and Facebook Analytics for Apps, Twitter Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Pinterest Analytics, etc. There are some integrated third-party packages as well, allowing you to monitor and benchmark your social profiles’ performance.

Measuring, analyzing and historically collecting data further supports strategic and/or operational business decisions.

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