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Online Presence

I cannot overemphasize the importance of online presence and activities. Here is a non-exhaustive list of activities (with links to valuable resources) that I professionally address for clients in order to be successful online:

  1. Perform Needs analysis.
  2. Register a domain name.
  3. Sign up for hosting.
  4. Choose a Content Management System (CMS) to power the site. WordPress highly recommended.
  5. Choose a Template/Theme or hire a professional designer.
  6. Choose and configure essential plugins.
  7. eCommerce: choose and setup a shopping cart platform.
  8. eCommerce: choose and setup payment gateways.
  9. Plan and implement website Information Architecture (IA).
  10. Design User Experience (UX).
  11. Create compelling content.
  12. eCommerce: create product listings, including descriptions, options (colors, sizes, etc.) and prices.
  13. Take and publish high-quality photographs.
  14. Usability test Responsive Web Design (RWD) across most common devices – full-screen, tablet, mobile.
  15. Optimize perfomance. In October 2016 mobile traffic exceeded desktop traffic globally.
  16. Set up caching, load balancing, fail-over (if needed).
  17. Subscribe for a Web Application Firewall (WAF) service.
  18. Audit security and updates (ongoing).
  19. Get and configure an HTTPS certificate.
  20. Subscribe for a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service.
  21. Set up Google Custom Search.
  22. Set up analytics.
  23. Set up Social media accounts and link them to your site.
  24. Set up Open Graph / Twitter cards.
  25. Set up Business listings.
  26. Submit to Search Engines.
  27. Manage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (ongoing).
  28. Manage Online Advertising (ongoing).
  29. Update content – onsite (ongoing).
  30. Update content – social media (ongoing).
  31. Produce video content for YouTube (ongoing).
  32. Implement backup plans and schedule (ongoing).
  33. Perform server/platform maintenance (ongoing).

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