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Learning Design, Assessment and Training

Human Capital is the organization’s most valuable asset. It should be carefully selected, encouraged to reach full potential and developed as the work processes evolve.

Competence Management

Business Process Analysis / Mapping reveals the process structure, inputs and outputs. It specifies discrete activities that need to be performed in order to successfully complete the process.

This analysis, if performed properly, would yield a massive number of competencies. Along with the directly required competencies, a set of general (soft skills) competencies is implied. They all form Competence Profiles, which serve as blueprints for job descriptions.


Each new candidate is assessed and has their Competence Profile. Gaps analysis with the Competence Profile, required for the role, provides a rough answer how expensive it would be to train the new hire up to standards.

Existing employees and managers are also evaluated periodically. Gaps analysis is also performed and a Personal Development Plan is designed for each person.


The Personal Development Plan show what competencies should be developed for each person. Proper training is designed and created inhouse, or hired as-a-service form an outside provider.

I offer full range of services for Human Capital Development: methodology, learning design and technological implementation of training and assessment, eLearning platforms design and implementation inhouse or as-a-service, etc.

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