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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Proper backup and disaster recovery should be planned, implemented and regularly carried out as per the organization’s business continuity strategy.


Important information should be kept in at least three copies:

  1. Live data – working copy, available for direct use.
  2. On-site backup – nearline copy, available for quick restore in case of accidental deletion and hardware failures,
  3. Off-site backup – remote copy, geographically separated (distance determined after risk assessment) from the main data, used in times of natural disasters.


All copies should be protected from unauthorized access both cryptographically and physically. Access should be given to limited authorized personnel under predefined conditions.

Procedures and schedules

Backup and restore procedures are part of the organizational business continuity strategy and should be detailed in written documents, readily available for use when needed. All stakeholders should be familiar with the tools and procedures at their disposal. Automated backup schedule should be planned and implemented, utilizing full and/or incremental backup, in combination with backup retention policies.

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