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Small and medium businesses face all kinds of challenges and problems – they often are the business idea of a single person or a couple of partners, having only the support of friends and family. Expertise in all business fields – organizational and human capital management, marketing and sales, competitiveness, etc. – is required, but oftentimes not available.

See how I support my clients:


Managers sometimes find it difficult to clearly define their aims and goals, the strategy and tactics to achieve them, and the indicators that measure progress.

I support my clients with Strategic Planning, Business Modeling, Operational Planning and Risk Management.

Business Processes

Documented processes are the foundation for resource planning, quality management, human capital development, knowledge management, etc.

I support my clients with Business Process Analysis, Business Process Modeling, Business Process Improvement.


Businesses change. Or die. Entire business sectors are vanishing and new ones are emerging – within years and even months. Never before in human history were times, when newborn babies would have a job, that did not yet exist when they were born. This is now the reality.

I support my clients with Digital Transformation and Innovation, Planning Under Deep Uncertainty.


Management needs information to support decision making. This includes project management, resource management, inventory, time management, contract management, etc.

I support my clients with the analysis and deployment of integrated information systems, and provide training to staff and managers.

Human Capital Strategy

Good employees are hard to find, attract and keep. Managers often literally do not know what candidate they are looking for – they usually have a Jack-of-all-trades image in their head. Posting a job ad that requires computer literacy, team-player attitude and ability to work under minimal supervision is a sure way to get disappointed and lose time and money making wrong choices.

I support my clients with designing Competence-based Human Capital Strategy and creating Competence Profiles, based on Business Process Models.

Human Capital Assessment

Once you have all Competence Profiles documented, present and future employees, and even contractors and external partners can be assessed against the requirements of the Business Processes. The results are analyzed and gaps are identified. The gaps are then addressed by finding or designing proper training.

I support my clients with Human Capital Assessment and Competence Gaps Analysis.

Human Capital Development

There are numerous options for Human Capital Development – trainings (formal, on-the-job, peer-to-peer, online, etc.), coaching, mentoring and supervision, conferences, seminars and professional subscriptions, to name just a few.

I support my clients with designing Personal Development Plans, Learning Design, design and development of Custom Trainings, etc.

Knowledge Management

Organizational knowledge is an asset. Yet, in the typical SME the organizational knowledge is tacit – it is carried by certain individuals, who ‘know the ropes’. This is a great risk for the success of the business – what happens if such a key person quits, or retires or just needs to take a vacation? The solution is to centrally manage organizational knowledge – through policies and documented processes.

I support my clients with designing and implementing Knowledge Management Strategy, Knowledge Creation and Transfer.

Online Presence and eCommerce

No one can afford to be offline today. Unprofessional online presence can be as bad or even worse. There are so many factors, that need to be considered to make you successful online – website content, design, services, usability, performance, SEO, social network presence, etc.

I support my clients with Needs Analysis, Information Architecture, selection and deployment of a Content Management System, Performance Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, etc.


Reaching your customers means realizing your full business potential. Defining and addressing your target audiences makes the difference between failure and success.

I enable my clients to reach their customers with Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.


Understanding your online audience can give you invaluable feedback for your value proposition(s) and help you adapt. What do people look for? Where do they come from? How do they use the website? How many convert? Which ones? Why? Who are the ones that leave? Why? How can you better serve their needs?

I support my clients with Google Analytics.

Customer Relationship

From making contact with a lead, through making an offer, processing payment, inventory and shipments – sales is a complicated multi-step, multi-actor process.

I support my clients with the deployment of integrated CRM systems, and provide training to staff and managers.


The top collaboration tool of today is the email, suitable for one-to-one communication. The complex tasks and specialization of duties require more than two people working within the same workflow in virtually every case. Communication becomes exponentially harder, the more people get involved.

I support my clients with modern integrated Collaboration Systems.

Document Management

Information is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. It should be accessible, searchable, up-to-date, protected.

I support my clients with modern Document Management Systems.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Organizations operate with limited resources, therefore resource management is the key to optimization and higher efficiency.

I support my clients with the deployment of integrated ERP systems.

Project management

Managers need tools to help them effectively manage projects.

I support my clients with the deployment of integrated Project management systems.

Remote and Virtual Teams

Travel-requiring dynamic tasks, office space cost savings and good work-life balance for employees are among the main factors that pose serious challenges to working processes. Modern technologies are an enabler, which makes flexible, work-from-anywhere style of operation a must for the organizations that want to be competitive and attract top talent.

I support my clients with Online systems (both cloud and on-premise), VDI and VPN solutions.


Servers are a critical component in organizational infrastructure and their management can be overwhelming, with wrong decisions costing money, reputation damage, or even business failure. Physical or Virtual? On-premise, Cloud or Hybrid? Hardware/software specs? Support?

I support my clients with Needs Analysis, Specification, Procurement, Deployment and Support services.

Storage and Backup

Likewise, storage is essential for availability and protection of information. Proper storage design, backup policies and infrastructure and disaster recovery procedures ensure business continuity.

I support my clients with Needs Analysis, Specification, Procurement, Deployment and Support services.


Networking ensures availability of critical services and uninterrupted work. Careful design and future-proofing are required for both passive and active network components.

I support my clients with Design, Implementation and Support services for both Active and Passive network components.


Every other day some organization’s service is disrupted, intellectual property stolen, reputation ruined and confidential customer data is leaked. There are so many things that need to be carefully designed and protected – infrastructure, services, capacity, software, people.

I support my clients with Audit, Design, Implementation and Lifecycle Management of Security policies and systems.

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