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Image by Santeri Viinamäki [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A Complete Guide To Switching From HTTP To HTTPS

HTTPS is a must for every website nowadays: Users are looking for the padlock when providing their details; Chrome and Firefox explicitly mark websites that provide forms on pages without HTTPS as being non-secure; it is a SEO ranking factor; and it has a serious impact on privacy in general. Additionally, there is now more than one option to get an HTTPS certificate for free, so switching to HTTPS is only a matter of will.

Smashing Magazine just published my article "A Complete Guide To Switching From HTTP To HTTPS". I have tried to shed some light and give practical guidance on a process that is often misunderstood and seen as intimidating. Hope it is useful to site owners in what I believe is an important step towards a safer web and better user privacy.

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